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BAWSC Recommended Boat Safety Items (*required by law)

q  *Ski Flag (red or orange)

q  *Mirror

q  *Paddle

q  *Approved vests – readily accessible (not outlaw and not in plastic bags)

q  *Throw cushion – immediately accessible

q  First aid kit

q  Cell phones or VHF marine radios & emergency numbers

q  *Horn

q  Tools

q  Dock, ski and towing ropes (spare ski rope & handle)

o   Towlines in good condition  

q  Anchor with rope & chain

q  Flashlight

q  *Fire extinguisher (charged)

q  Bumpers

q  *Ski observer

q  Skiers’ candy, ace bandage & zip lock bag for ice

q  Delta map

q  *Navigation lights

q  Spare impeller

q  Duct tape

q  Spare gas

q  Spare prop and puller

q  Bailing device

q  *Current registration & tags

q  ABC’s of California Boating Laws

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