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BAWSC Membership Renewal Process

For Example how Donald Duck would renew his membership including screen shots click BAWSC Membership Renewal Process.docx

The 5 steps to renew your membership: 

1.  Log into the site by entering in your email address associated with your previous year membership and password.   Note:  if you forgot your password click on the “forgot password” link and the system will send you an email with a link to reset your password.   If you don't know your user-id/email address associated with your account, please contact the membership chair found on the Contacts page.    Please provide the membership chair your first and last name so they can look-up the email address associated with your account.

2.  Once you are logged in click on the “View Profile” button found in the upper right hand corner of the screen under your name.

3.  You should the see the "Membership Profile" screen and see a button on that screen labeled “Renew until 01/01/2021” Click on that button to begin the renewal process. 

Validate/update all the fields on the screen including clicking on and accepting the “Membership  Waiver” 

If you have dependents under 18 associated with your account please make sure you update the Dependents section to reflect the correct age and names of your dependents.   See the Membership Application Help Video found in the Help How To's section for example how Brady Bunch would register with the club.  

Once you have updated the form click on “Update and Next”  

Note:  If you don’t see the “Renew until 01/01/2021” button it is most likely because you are a bundle member (co-member) and need the bundle administrator (primary member) to execute the renewal process.    As a bundle member (co-member) you can still update your profile and accept the club waiver.

4.  You should then see a “Review and Confirm” screen where you should validate everything is correct including what you will owe for your 2020 membership.   If everything looks correct click on the “Confirm and proceed with Payment” or the "back" button to repeat step 3. 

5.  You should then see a copy of an invoice that has been generated and sent to your email along with instructions where to send your membership payment check.   At this point you can send your check to the membership chair per the instructions on the screen referencing your invoice number. 



Congratulations you have now completed on membership renewal process.   Once your payment has been received the membership chair will record payment and a payment received email will be set and you will continue to have full membership access and privileges to the site.

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